For over twenty years, artisan Michelle Jewell Treichler has been creating unique handmade Santas and other Christmas collectibles. During that time, a WHIMSIES Santa has become known to Santa lovers and collectors for Michelle’s use of vintage fabrics and furs, specially reproduced antique toys, books, and gifts, and for the fact that every WHIMSIES Santa is an individual creation.

Each Santa’s hands and faces are hand sculpted from a polymer clay – no molds are used. So, no two WHIMSIES Santas are exactly alike. The wool used for the hair and beards is hand-shorn from across the country.

The gifts a WHIMSIES Santa brings are hand-selected and range from miniaturized versions of antiques in Michelle’s collection, Michelle’s hand-crafted bears and dolls, or reproductions of vintage tools or collectibles. Family mementos and other treasured items have been used for special commissions, making what was already unique even more so.

As you will see, each WHIMSIES Santa is a one-of-a-kind. An archive of many of the creations and commissions for the 2013 season have now been posted on this site… and there are more to come! Details and photos of Santas from the 2015 season can seen under the THE SANTAS page. Enjoy.